21 August 2001
Yield varied, quality OK

GLYN WHITEHEAD, of Aberdeen Grain Marketing, says just over 50% of winter barley and less than 10% of winter oilseed rape have been combined.

Most of the barley is for feed purposes. “Yields are varying from 5-10t/ha (2-4t/acre). Most farmers are unhappy, but it is not unexpected.”

Quality seems to be ok. Specific weights are averaging 62.4kg/hl when they enter the store wet. This will rise once dried. Specific weight has varied from 59-67kg/hl. “Some bushels are impossible to calculate as the grains are too hairy, but most are ok.”

He says Siberia winter barley has performed better than most.

“Good progress was made until Sunday (19 August), when the heavens opened all day between the Black Isle and Aberdeen.

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