8 December 1995

Yorkshire yields up bumper beet year

SUGAR beet yielding 62-64t/ha (25-26t/acre) from 7.7ha (19 acres) of unirrigated land is being claimed by Charles McNeil, Thorganby Hall Farm, York.

Against a farm average of just under 49t/ha (20t/acre), the yield is seen as a major achievement in a year of severe drought.

But Mark Culloden, agricultural manager at BSs York factory, says the yield is not out of the ordinary in this part of Yorkshire in a year of very mixed performance. Yields, he says, have varied from 29t/ha (12t/acre) to 67t/ha (27t/acre), with the bulk of crops yielding somewhere in between.

Fertile soils

The heavier, fertile soils are giving some very good yields, having benefitted from moisture retention and lots of sunshine, he says.

Sugar content, which opened around 17.5%, has fallen back to around 17% since the rains came.n