9 June 1995

You could win this top moisture meter

PRECISION crop husbandry is of little use if harvesting, storage and marketing dont follow the same principles. All the effort taken to grow the right crop can easily be wasted at this final hurdle.

Producing the most profitable sample takes more than good growing skills and a little luck. It starts with knowing what the market wants. Only then can precision husbandry be applied with confidence to grow the best crop.

Precision then returns at harvest. Instead of cutting and tipping whole fields together, quality testing during the harvest is vital. How else will you find the rogue loads that could send quality plunging or result in a damp sample? Early sampling can ensure those loads are tipped separately where they can be dealt with later.

Once grain of a known quality is in store it is time to reconsider marketing opportunities and the scope for enhancing or blending to optimise profits. Equipment is now available to adjust the quality characters of your grain with great precision. Merchants and end users tailor samples to their needs – so why not do it yourself and put the added value in your pocket?

It is with with those messages in mind that farmers weekly has joined with Bedfordia Grain Services and Sinar Technology to bring the "Quality Quest" competition.

At the Cereals 95 event on Wed, Jun 14, and Thur, Jun 15 at Shuttleworth, Beds, we will display three grain samples. All we ask is for you to estimate their quality and target markets and answer a few simple questions. Each day there will be a brand new Sinar Combine Moisture Meter, worth almost £900, to be won. &#42