1 December 1995

Young are most at risk of ATV mishaps – HSE

ALL-TERRAIN vehicles have killed eleven people over the past 10 years. They have seriously injured many more.

"Young people are particularly at risk," Frank Lindsay, the HSEs Chief Agricultural Inspector, said at Smithfield FarmTech.

"They like to drive ATVs, and they like to drive them fast around corners and on difficult terrain. It is that sort of misuse which is showing up in the injury statistics."

The HSEs first step to reduce ATV-related accidents was the FarmTech launch of its safety video, A Ridge Too Far

Top of the HSE message list is the need for:

&#8226 Wearing proper protective headgear where there is a risk of the ATV overturning.

&#8226 Proper training in the safe use of the ATV and with associated equipment.

&#8226 Regular maintenance.

At the video launch, estate worker Philip Worth explained how proper training might have prevented an accident which resulted in a splintered elbow, two months off work and the onset of arthritis.

&#8226 The HSE is researching the possibility of equipping ATVs with a roll bar to protect operators in an overturn. &#42