27 September 1996

Zap blackgrass early in linseed

DONT ignore the weed control opportunities of introducing winter linseed, say Semundo staff. The crop, which is expected to expand tenfold this season, provides a good opportunity to tackle blackgrass, claims the firms Chris Green.

Herbicide trials on the crop have been few to date, says the firms Fiona Davies. But farm experience suggests Falcon (propaquizafop), Fusilade (fluazifop-P-butyl) and Laser (cycloxydim) used post-emergence all provide good blackgrass control provided the weed is not beyond the two-leaf stage.

"They work in most areas except where there is resistance, when Avadex could help." The latter (active ingredient tri-allate), approved for use on spring linseed, has not been widely tested on autumn sowings but should not create any problems, she says.

Extended Semundo trials are set to examine the role of trifluralin and other herbicides alone and in mixtures, she adds.