St David’s Poultry Team has developed a new range of products for poultry smallholders, in association with rural retailer Countrywide.

The Chicken Vet range, which is now available in select Countrywide stores, includes vitamins and minerals, disinfectants, mite powders, natural remedies and anti-peck sprays.

As well as a wide range of products, it has launched a Chicken Vet helpline and website, offering small-scale poultry keepers advice and expertise on bird health and disease.

Sandra Smapson, marketing manager for St David’s, said: “The Chicken Vet came about in response to increasing numbers of calls about chicken health. Very few vets have specialist training in this area, so we decided to set up a website covering all aspects of poultry.”

Andrew Stevens, of Countrywide, added: “Many of our customers are enthusiastic poultry keepers and so we are delighted to be working alongside the St David’s Poultry Team to promote The Chicken Vet range of premium products and encourage access to what has already become a hugely successful information resource.”

For a one-off payment of £15, visitors to The Chicken Vet website will get a 5% discount on all Chicken Vet products.

Chicken Vet products can be found in store at Gloucester, Melksham, Cirencester, Ledbury, Evesham, Towcester, Bearley, Bridgnorth, Ludlow and Exeter or online.