River Irt, Holmbrook, West Cumbria, CA19

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River Irt, Holmbrook, West Cumbria, CA19
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River Irt, Holmbrook, West Cumbria, CA19
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Savills Rural


Exciting fly fishing in beautiful Lake District scenery. 5-year average catch of 5 salmon and 8 sea trout. Considerable scope for improvement.


The fishings have historically been lightly fished by the Prince Albert Angling Society and there is potential for the current catch records to be significantly improved upon.   
Access is via parking on the Santon Bridge to Gosforth road with the river reached by a short walk down hill to the footbridge. The setting is spectacular in a West Cumberland Lake District. Wildlife abounds in the native woodland growing on the river banks.   There are numerous pools and riffles giving tremendous variety to the fishing.

The River Irt flows west from Wast Water, the deepest lake in England before flowing south west through the fells before joining the River Esk and Mite before entering the Irish Sea.    The Kirklands Fishings extend downstream from the historic stone bridge and are bounded by grass fields on the true left bank, and mixed woodland on the right.   A near neighbour of the Esk made famous by Hugh Falkus, the Irt has a reputation for specimen sea trout in to double figures. The main sea trout run begins in early June with the salmon run getting underway in August.   
Catch Records (5 year average to 2015)
Salmon   5
Sea Trout   8

Date posted: 10/08/17