THIS BOOK* will make an ideal stocking-filler for fans of The Archers.

Who’s Who in The Archers 2005 is the essential A to Z companion to the world’s longest-running radio drama series, which now gets nearly 5 million listeners a week in the UK.

This pocket-sized volume, compiled by scriptwriter Keri Davies, has entries for all current characters, and for the important locations around Ambridge.

“It was originally conceived as a bit of background to the people we heard on-air and a helping hand to explain their intricate relationships, but we have found that even established listeners can find it an entertaining volume to keep by the radio or – as we suspect is more frequent – in the loo,” says programme editor Vanessa Whitburn.

So, if you have a friend or relative who likes to know such details as the name of Matt Crawford’s housing development, then this could well be the present for them.

* Who’s Who in the Archers 2005. By Keri Davies. BBC Books. £3.99.