THE RED Tractor logo has become more visually attractive and carries a clearer message to consumers than before, Kevin Hawkins, the director general of the British Retail Consortium, has said.

“It needed an injection not only of visual appeal, but also of greater clarity in terms of the message it is meant to represent, and the new logo provides these,” said Mr Hawkins.

“It is accompanied by a much clearer vision. This is about the origin of the product and the fact that it has been produced to a consistent set of standards. This is a clear message to take to the consumer.”

Mr Hawkins said the challenge would be to get the message across to millions of consumers. The logo may appear on 4.6bn worth of UK food each year, but its potential market was 70bn, he added.

He predicted that the big retailers would support the new logo and give it a good start by giving it prominent display on their shelves.

NFU president Tim Bennett, said: “The Red Tractor logo assures consumers that their food has been produced to a set of standards and has been independently inspected along all stages of the food chain.”