The introduction of Generation 2011 at Cereals will see Amazone also with an updated range of its AD-P Special and AD-P Super pneumatic seed drills on show.

The most important innovation – as with the D9, AD and Cirrus seed drills – is the equipping of these models with the RDS Roller Drill System.

The RDS System means that the functions of wedge ring roller, RoTeC Control disc coulters and Exact following, or Roller harrow, are perfectly matched together, resulting in a more even and precise seed placement and embedment.

In addition, the AD-P pneumatic seed drills are available now, from choice, in row spacings of either 12.5cm or 16.6cm plus, just for use on the AD-P Special, Amazone has extended the range of operator terminals with the new AMADRILL+.

Offering control of the electric metering drive system, in addition to the functions familiar from the AMALOG+ terminal (tramline control, pre-emergence markers, hopper level monitoring), the machine-specific AMADRILL+ terminal enables adjustment of the seed rate while on the move and the creation of intermittent tramlines. Up to now this was only possible with the more expensive AMATRON+ terminal.

In total, Amazone offers five different models of the AD-P pneumatic sowing combination. The AD-P Special range in working widths of 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m are ideally suited for small to medium sized farms.

The seed hoppers of these versions have a capacity of either 750 or 1,250 litres and can both be increased by 250 litres using hopper extensions. The AD-P Super has been designed to be ideal for operation on arable farms of 200ha to 500ha or for contractors.

It includes two versions in either 3.0m and 4.0m working widths and a 1,500 litre seed hopper which can be increased to 2,000 l. All these new models can be combined with a rotary cultivator or rotary harrow and either a wedge ring roller or tooth packer roller to suit.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Amazone.