Amazone will take the opportunity at Cereals to launch four new drill ranges under the banner of Generation 2011.

Externally, the new D9, AD, AD-P and Cirrus look very different, with a sleek modern design. The sowing technology has been further optimised and the experience gained from their many years of practice shows through in the new models.

The identical innovation that features across all of the new ranges is the RDS Roller Drill System, which is all about marrying the consolidating roller with the new coulter setup RoTeC Control to work in conjunction with either the Exact harrow or the new Roller harrow. An outstanding system by which the seed is placed even more precisely and then embedded for maximum seed/soil contact.

The RDS Roller Drill System offers improved seed germination and more yield in three steps. First, reconsolidation. In order to optimally provide the seed with water, the wedge rings firm the seed-bed in strips along the seed furrow creating a capillary water draw to the upper soil layer.

Second, sowing. By working in the smooth groove left by this reconsolidated strip ahead of the coulter, the RoTeC Control coulters, under a high coulter pressure, but held out against the firmed seed furrow, travel smoothly, tracing a precise path and laying the seed into the consolidated furrow bottom.

And third, embedment. The Exact harrow or the Roller harrow, which are adjustable in intensity, cover the seed with loose soil to give the perfect finish of loose on top but firm underneath.

With the Roller harrow, for lighter soils on spring drilling, this soil is then also pressed over the top of the seed corn by the additional press rollers.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Amazone.