Arable Outlook is a new feature of the Cereals event for farmers considering alternative crops or markets. Focussing on renewables, biofuels and non-food crops, it will form a key part of the main two-day event in June.

Why visit Arable Outlook?

Arable Outlook will be a key feature of the main Cereals event and visitors will have the opportunity to:

• Visit Arable Outlook for bioenergy, construction, chemicals, high value crops (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, neutraceuticals), polymers and biofuels (see below for a list of exhibitors)

• Discuss market developments, contracts and business advice with leading non-food companies

• Explore crop trials and get agronomic advice on a range of crops, including borage, camelina, echium, evening primrose, HEAR, miscanthus, opium poppy, short rotation coppice willow

Layout of Arable Outlook

Arable outlook site plan

Arable Outlook has been developed by the Cereals Event team, in association with Farmers Weekly and Crops and supported by the National Non Food Crops Centre. Visit the official Arable Outlook website for more information.

Companies exhibiting at Arable Outlook:

  • Biogas Nord
  • Coppice Resources
  • Dragon Heat
  • Drak Power
  • Enagri
  • Energy Innovation
  • Energy Now
  • Foss
  • Frontier
  • Fuchs
  • Gaia-Wind
  • HGCA
  • J Riley Beet Harvesters
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Maize Growers Association
  • Manco Energy
  • New Holland
  • Renewable Energy Growers
  • Renewable Zukunft
  • Rix
  • Rothamsted

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