YORKSHIRE producers are enjoying a renewed sense of confidence in farming, and the government must be careful not to kill it with over-regulation, the Country Land and Business Association has warned.

CLA chief economist Allan Buckwell told a Great Yorkshire Show press conference that the 2 metre margins suggested as part of cross compliance were a classic example.

The ruling designed to protect living boundaries was unlikely to be applied in other parts of Europe, Professor Buckwell said.

“They would create an administrative nightmare, how would they be measured?”

“They also penalise producers with lots of small fields. This is classic gold plating because the EU‘s main aim was to maintain landscaped features,” Professor Buckwell argued.

He added that a better place for 2 metre margins was in environmental schemes, particularly the entry level schemes. 

“The region farmers have responsed well to advise of diversification and adding value to food with products like Wensleydale Cheese and Wolds Beers. 

“I just hope too much red tape doesn‘t strangle their businesses,” he said.