The silage is in and the great news is that it was a bumper crop. Instead of worrying about the volume being not enough, my stress changed to where is it all going to go? There was such a heavy crop the team didn’t finish until midnight and trailers had to be left parked up full until the following morning as it got too dark and dangerous to continue without daylight.

We ended up filling our first and second cut pits to the brim. Any good news is welcome knowing how tight this year’s finances are.

All the grassland work we have been doing has finally paid off. This included over-seeding old grassland and getting the slurry on at the right time of the year, done with the assistance of our neighbour’s slurry store.

We are now applying fertilizer at 100kg an acre and slurry at 1,500 gallons an acre. We may even look into making some hay, I am sure a senior member of the family will be able to advise on this. The one good thing about hay is that it doesn’t need wrapping.

My wife finally thinks I have lost the plot. She has purchased a cream separator, it has come all the way from the Ukraine… and yes you guessed it the instructions are in Russian. I was so determined to get a fine Jersey cream product I spent four hours obsessing with it. But the final product was fantastic. Jersey double cream and strawberries, you can’t beat it.

Adrian Harrison farms 81ha in partnership with his father Maurice in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. He runs 130 pedigree Jersey cows with 70 followers, with milk sold to Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes, and used to make real Wensleydale cheese

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