The Velcourt stand at this year’s Cereals event will be titled “Farming Today-Farming Tomorrow”.

Farming today
The theme is in response to the frequency of questions at last year’s and other events. Visitors were very interested to hear what the firm is doing on its own farms. They enjoy the interface they have with a likeminded people who can discuss the most topical and relevant events faced by arable farmers.

Velcourt has devoted half the site to a model farm which will give messages either physically or pictorially that relate to the years decision making processes. Practical agronomy, rotational modelling, crop margins will be demonstrated alongside actual costs for machinery operating costs and work rates. Visitors to the site will be able to discuss all aspects of farm management with relevantly qualified Velcourt staff.

Farming tomorrow
The other section of the plot is very much focused on the future and aims to give visitors a “flavour” for the work Velcourt’s R&D team undertakes on behalf of the company and others. Much of the work on demonstration is subject to confidentiality arrangements, but we will be able to discuss concepts with visitors.

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