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The IGD is likely to know more than any other organisation what the consumer of 2020 will want from the shopping isle or screen.

It is an organisation with members from across the food and grocery industry, ranging from the largest retailers down to small farm-based distribution co-ops.

One of IGD’s many roles is to constantly research trends across the whole of the grocery and food sector looking at issues from field to plate.

Chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch she believes there will be no let up in the pace of our lives, but it will be a healthier one.

“There is no doubt that the food industry has responded to health issues such as obesity by providing healthy options with less sugar, salt and fat and we will see a lot more of the same.”

Ethical decisions are set to become more important; these choices range from choosing organic to an increasing interest in the provenance of food.

Organic demand will continue to increase, but, says Ms Denney-Finch: “Whether it will be as big a sector in the future as some predict is questionable.

“Shoppers are saying ‘I do care about how my meat was produced, I do care increasingly about animal husbandry and the standards on farm’.

We see this as a big trend and one that is good news for UK producers.”

Ms Denney-Finch thinks consumers are at the moment split between the “Foodies” and the “Fuellies”.

The “Foodies” have cash to spend and see food as a whole experience to be enjoyed.

“Fuellies” are not undiscerning, but lifestyle and budget do not allow them to make the same choices as the “Foodies”.

This is a trend that is set to continue, and meeting the demands of both groups will provide opportunities.

“Globalisation is here to stay and it will get faster.

Despite this, we are seeing more of a desire for local and regional foods.

Local demand is not driven by a response to lower food miles, but the perception that local food is fresher and of a higher quality,” she says.

Top of the local shopping list are salads and vegetables, with meat not far behind.

In some parts of the country there is also a real desire to support local producers.

“There is no doubt that these will become stronger trends.”

In promoting British produce, she feels farmers should do less flag waving and more to celebrate the taste, the texture and seasonality of food.

At the moment only 20% of shoppers seek out British.

The “Foodies” as a group are shunning away from the ready meal format.

Sales have dropped and the future is moving more toward meal kits of raw ingredients.

“Consumers want to feel good as they see what goes into their meal, they want to have control.”

Ms Denney-Finch sees technology changing in the kitchen.

“For example, In the States they are developing an oven that is made up of honeycomb-like compartments that can hold raw ingredients at chilled temperatures and then cook the different parts of the meal individually so it all becomes ready at the same time.

The oven is linked by computer in your kitchen to your mobile phone, allowing you to control when it starts to cook, giving the consumer flexibility.”

The computer in your kitchen could also keep a check on what you have in your cupboard, it will know the nutritional make up of foods from bar codes and will be able to advise you on your diet.

Ms Denney-Finch says the out-of-town large stores and leisure facilities are here to stay.

At the other end of the spectrum small specialist shops will thrive if they can offer a combination of localness, convenience, quality and personal service.

IGD says on-line shopping is set for even greater growth in the coming years.

Nutriceuticals, such as milk high in Omega 3 are also set for massive growth and will in turn open up further opportunities for growers to farm cattle in a specific way or grow certain specialist crops.

One final scientific advance that could have a huge impact, is DNA profiling.

It could tell you what to eat to live longer.

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