FARMERS FOR ACTION is preparing for protests and direct action if the government does not reduce the price of red diesel and scrap its proposed 2.4p/litre hike in duty.

“We‘ve indicated that we‘re going to have a new look at the situation at the end of the month.

“If the government hasn‘t done anything by then, and there is a consensus among farmers across the country that something needs to be done, we will act,” FFA chairman David Handley told FARMERS WEEKLY on Weds (May 26).

He declined to specify any action, but said it would be different from the FFA fuel-price protests of 2000.

Mr Handley also indicated that it was likely to be more efficient, partly because the FFA‘s membership has increased since 2000 and in part because there appears to be stronger support for action this time around.

“We want the government to reduce prices now. We‘ve had a lot more support now than we had four years ago,” Mr Handley said.

He revealed that he wants a meeting with the Treasury in the near future to discuss fuel prices.