TWO BLOCKS of Kentish soil have just been launched.

BTF Lister is selling the larger of the pair, which also includes 1280t of grain storage, by formal tender. The total guide for 370-acre Jeskyns Farm at Cobham, near Gravesend is £1.1m-£1.3m, but the firm’s Richard Thomas has also lotted the sale nine ways.

The buildings and 20 acres are priced at £200,000-£250,000, while the balance of the Grade 1/2 arable soil has been split into parcels ranging from 19 acres (£75,000-£100,000) to 124 acres (£300,000-£350,000). No entitlement to historic single farm payment will be transferred.

Jeskyns is being sold following the death of Sir James Colyer-Ferguson in January this year and the gift of much of his estate to charity.

Hobbs Parker has 85 acres of Grade 2 arable land at Otham, near Maidstone, available for £175,000-£200,000, and again there is no chance of claiming the historic SFP. But agent James Hickman said there had already been offers from farmers and he would be disappointed not to exceed £2500/acre.