With the increasing prices of fertilisers, at Cereals 2008 Potash Limited will be focussing on the importance of maintaining potash and magnesium levels in the soil, namely:

a.      To ensure efficient utilisation of all nutrients applied, especially nitrogen
b.      Maximise yield and quality, especially while farmers have better grain prices
c.      Reduce risk of crop lodging
d.      Reduce plant stress through times of drought

The company will have an extensive range of plant pots which will show different crops and their specific nutrient deficiency symptoms. This proved very popular last year for farmers and advisers to see these deficiencies and be able to compare them.

Jerry McHoul, technical manager, will spend most of his time in this area explaining the details and answering questions.

Whilst Potash Limited’s parent company has over 25 years of trial data across Europe they have now completed three years of trials in the UK specifically for UK growers to see some of the benefits from maintaining and applying sufficient potash and magnesium. These trial results will be available for growers and advisers and some specific crop trial results will be on display.

In connection with a “deficiency clinic” Potash Limited is producing several thousand weather-proof deficiency “pocket guides”. They are designed to be a convenient reference for farmers and advisers to use in the field and help them determine specific problems with a crop as well as offer advice on how to remedy the problem. They will be available free from the stand over the two days.

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