BIG BROTHER winner Nadia Almada has been signed up as the latest face of Scotland‘s White Stuff Milk Moustache campaign.

Nadia has pledged her support to the campaign to encourage Scots that drinking milk is ‘fabulous darling‘ – her catchphrase from the show.

“As someone who always likes to look their best, milk is one thing I can‘t live without,” she said.

“Not only is it packed with loads of essential vitamins and minerals but it‘s also a bit of an unsung beauty product – which is great when you are as style conscious as me.”

All of the images used in the campaign will carry the message that semi-skimmed milk is 98% fat free.

The campaign will also feature the green apple logo – the mark of the Scottish Executive‘s “healthy living” campaign.

Sandy Wilkie, chairman of the Scottish Dairy Marketing Company, said the organisation was delighted to have Nadia on board. 

“Everyone in the country warmed to her in the Big Brother house and she has become something of an icon in a very short period of time.

“With her amazing outfits and distinctive laugh- so we are really pleased that she‘s taken time out of her busy schedule to support the campaign.”