Illegal immigrant from Afghanistan found hiding at Cereals Event (14 June)

Cereals 2007: Syngenta shows off four new wheat varieties (13 June)

Cereals 2007 : Fresh bread highlights white wheat opportunity (13 June)

Cereal Event 2007 : New herbicide offers broad spectrum grassweed control (13 June)

Cereal Event 2007 : A 6m tax hole awaiting farmers (13 June)

NFU president attacks critics of the biofuels industry during Cereals 2007 address (13 June)

Conventional not organic production is the way forward (12 June) Farming has an optimistic future says Cereals 2007 host (8 June)

New features for field and margin at Cereals 2007 (7 June)

Helping you plan your arable business with confidence (7 June)

Think when choosing what arable variety to grow next season (6 June)

Reasons to go to Cereals (1 June 2007)

Highlights at this year’s event (1 June 2007)

Cereals 2007 takes the lead on climate change, biofuels and stewardship (1 June 2007)

Can UK agriculture be carbon neutral? (30 May 2007)

Record number of sprayers on show at Cereals 2007 (18 May 2007)

Opico’s HE-VA Sabre-Seeder offers ultra low-cost cereal establishment (10 May 2007)

Cereals Event crop plots to bring UK’s arable R&D alive (9 May 2007)

Mixing green waste compost with biosolids could reap fertiliser benefits (16 April 2007)

Targeted strategy towards fungicides is vital for success (27 March 2007)

Future of farming is going ‘green’ (9 March 2007)

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