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Braeburn Factor Amy’s interbreed win at the Royal Norfolk left her owner Bill Doig speechless. The Ayrshire second-calver produced 8870kg in her first lactation.

Beautiful Belgian Blue beef champ….John and Wendy Laight’s cow Wilham Wendy Saphire took top spot, having been reserve the week before at Lincolnshire, this time pushing a British Simmental into reserve.

Shearling sweeps up….. the Charollais shearling ewe put forward by David Roberts was placed the top of the individual interbreed competition by each of the breed judges. Mr Roberts also paired the ewe with one of his rams to take the interbreed pairs championship.

Lovely lop…. Brain Upchurch’s British Lop pigs did well at the Norfolk show, with this sow Greenway Harmony 51 taking the top pig ticket and one of her daughters taking top spot in the British Pig Association Pig of the Year Qualifier competition.

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Full results:


Interbreed J and W Laight’s Belgian Blue cow Witham Bank Saphire; res, A Hurn and Partners’ British Simmental cow Twyford Lucinda.
Aberdeen Angus I H McLaren and Sons’ heifer Anyho Estona B104; res, I H McLaren and Sons’ Anyho Proud Graston.
British White F W Cook and Son’s bull Albany Playboy; res, Delamore Farms’ Gunton Angelica.
Hereford A G Wright and Son Farms’ cow Badlingham Hazel 13; res, A G Wright and Son Farms’ bull Badlingham Banshee.
Highland S G Yarham’s cow Delia 1st of April; res, C D and E M Clements’ Clemlawrie Black Banner.
Lincoln Red A E Dennett and Son’s senior bull Cowbridge Ambassador; res, P Lewis and J Taylor’s cow Panworth Bashful.
Longhorn S E Coleman’s bull Blackbrook Newt; res, S E Coleman’s heifer Chalkney Hattie.
South Devon J Fish’s in-calf heifer Flintfield Doris; res, J Fish’s bull Woodbastwick Merganser.
Belgian Blue J and W Laight’s cow Witham Bank Saphire; res, A Padfield’s cow Degoutee D’Izier.
British Charolais R and D L Harper’s heifer Weybread Tiffany; res, J R Harrison’s heifer Lakenheath Ubella.
British Limousin Smiths of Bloxham’s bull Ironstone Tarzan; res, Joshua W Bustance’s heifer Moulton Ureka.
British Simmental A Hurn and Partners’ bull Blackford Nobleman; res, A Hurn and Partners’ Twyford Lucinda
Any other breed N J and A M Barretts’s Beef Shorthorn bull Glenariff Woolley; res, F W Key’s Galloway bull Thurning King Kong.
Commercial beef C P Barwood and A Padfield’s Limousin cross heifer Posh Pants; res, J Dickens’ Diana H.


Interbreed Wm Doig’s Ayrshire cow Braeburn Factor Amy; res, R Paterson’s Holstein cow Airfield Integrity Miss America.
Interbreed pairs Holstein; res, British Friesian.
Interbreed group British Friesian; res, Holstein
Dexter S R Creasey’s bull Acton George; res, AE Neal’s cow Riverbank Pleiades.
Guernsey N R Kennard’s cow Chiddingstone Clarissa 32; res, N R Kennard’s cow Instead Beauty.
Holstein R Paterson’s cow Airfield Integrity Miss America; res, J H and P E Nicholson’s cow Netishall Formation Marie.
Jersey B Etteridge’s cow Braymeadow Styles A Lady In Waiting; res, C R Cawston’s cow Poringland Perfection.
Any other breed Wm Doig’s Ayrshire cow Braeburn Factor Amy; res, Burroughs and Son’s British Friesian cow Oakalby Prestige Brenda.


Interbreed D B Roberts’ Charollais shearling ewe; res, HJ and D M Blackemore’s Texel aged ram.
Interbreed pairs Charollais; res, Texel.
Suffolk R D and C B Hart’s ram lamb; res, G and E Beddie’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down P Kettle’s shearling ram; res, S A and B A Green’s ewe lamb.
Jacob P Baker’s shearling ram; res, P Baker’s shearling ewe.
Norfolk Horn Kentwell Hall’s shearling ewe; res, R Newton’s shearling ram.
Texel H J and D M Blakemore’s ram; res, T J and J H Prentice’s shearling ewe.
Charollais D B Roberts’ shearling ewe; res, D B Roberts’ ewe lamb.
White Faced Woodland J T and T A Wigham ewe lamb; res, C J Steel’s ram lamb.
Primitive breeds C Clement Smith’s Shetland ewe; res, M J G Piece-Wiersema’s Hebridean ram.
Any other Continental breed D B Roberts’ Beltex shearling ewe; res, D B Roberts’ Beltex ram lamb.
Any other British breed S Holdich’s Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, S Holdich’s Wensleydale shearling ram.
Any other British Down breed G Sprake’s Southdown ram; res, D Bunting’s Southdown ewe lamb.
Butcher’s classes H J and D M Blakemore’s Texel pair; res, T J and J H Prentice’s Texel pair.


Interbreed B Upchurch’s British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 51; res, J Wykes-Sneyd’s Berkshire sow Kilcot Mermaid.
Any pure white breed B Upchurch’s British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 51; res, D and H Schofield’s Welsh gilt.
Any pure coloured breed J Wykes-Sneyd’s Berkshire sow Kilcot Mermaid; res, J R and M L Wreakes’ Saddleback gilt Victoria Lottie 110.
Commercial pigs P D and G S Mortimer’s single cutter gilt; res P D and G S Mortimer’s pork pig gilt.
BPA Pig of the Year qualifier B Upchurch’s British Lop female Greenway Harmony 72; res, N J S Kiddy’s Large White boar Whithersfield Alpine 4.

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By Shirley Macmillan

WITH RECORD entries since pre foot-and-mouth days, this year’s Royal Norfolk was a show of surprises in the judging rings.

Although he said he’d had his best show in 30 years, Norfolk producer Ken Proctor failed to take the much coveted interbreed dairy title with his Holstein champion Airfield Integrity Miss America.

Instead, in a surprise move, Cornish judge James Warren put Bill Doig’s stylish Ayrshire second calver Braeburn Factor Amy in the top slot, calling her every inch the champion who combined milk with presence.

Mr Doig admitted to being speechless. It was Amy’s first time out and she had only been shown to please his children.

“We’ve won championships before, but never the interbreed. It’s fantastic,” he said.

Amy is out of an Ayrshire cow Harling Laredo Amy, but by Holstein sire Renown Factor. She produced a first lactation of 8870kg at 3.29% fat and 3.20% protein. 

Sweeping the board in the sheep ring was David Roberts’ Charollais shearling ewe, who only managed a fourth place rosette at the West Midlands Show. This same ewe also took the interbreed pairs title with Mr Robert’s shearling ram.

“Each of the breed judges for the interbreed put her top as a complete outright winner,” said Shropshire-based Mr Roberts, who only started showing a year ago.

The reserve interbreed sheep champion was the aged ram Paxhill Imperial from the Blackemore family’s Bedfordshire flock of Texels.

In the beef championship, the Belgian Blue cow Witham Bank Saphire owned by John and Wendy Laight from Boston, Lincs, won the top interbreed ticket. 

The commercial beef competition saw another win for Paul Barwood and Anita Padfield’s Limousin-cross heifer Posh Pants.

Bought at Carlisle last year, she has had an outstanding show season so far, taking five out of 11 championships this summer.

Posh Pants has been bred to Shatton Pedrow and is down to attend the Kent Show followed by Beef Expo 2004 in August before retiring in September.

In the pig ring, a British Lop sow shown for the first time in two years took the interbreed title.

Breeder Brian Upchurch of Royston, Herts, only entered Greenway Harmony 51 because she needed an outing before the Royal Show at Stoneleigh.

He was most surprised to win among such strong competition, but was pleased the judge, John Davy of Huntingdon, really liked her.

“He said she was a nice sort of sow who moves well,” said Mr Upchurch. Harmony 51 will have her sixth litter in September and was dam of the show’s Pig Of The Year qualifier.

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