A FARMERS MARKET which would be the biggest in the Midlands is being planned near Nottingham.

The market will be established adjacent to a big car boot sale on a field between Nottingham, Mansfield and Newark.

“We‘ve got around five acres of spare space, and hope to be able gather between 100 and 200 stalls,” said initiator Bob Gavin of the Jade Promotions company.

Mr Gavin set up the car boot sale some 20 years ago, and now he wants to expand into the homegrown food market.

He says he hopes to launch the market within a month’s time and that it will be possible to run it on a weekly basis.

“We were the first to establish a car boot sale in a field in the Nottingham area, and we have grown considerably since then,” Mr Gavin said.

He has sent letters to all the local farmers and hopes they will be interested in the new market.

“Not only will this be a good outlet for selling food, as there will be many potential customers at the site already because of the car boot sale, but the market will almost certainly also offer new business opportunities further down the line,” says Mr Gavin.

“Several car boot sale markets have grown up in this area which started with conversations between sellers at our market.

“In short, there are business opportunities from coming together and making new contacts. I can‘t see why that shouldn’t be the case with farmers as well,” Mr Gavin said.