MILK PRODUCERS looking to expand should consider heading to Poland, according to Adam Oliver of agent Brown & Co.

Mr Oliver is selling two companies that include tenancies on large dairy farms owned by the Polish government.

As well as the tenancies, which are being renegotiated but are likely to have 8-12 years more left to run, buyers will get all of the cows, youngstock, silage, machinery and milk quota on the farms.

“These farms could appeal to those who cannot expand any more in the dairy sector in the UK,” said Mr Oliver.

Investing in Poland would be more attractive now that the country was part of the EU, he said.

The largest of the farms comes with 650 cows milked in a 28-point rotary parlour, 3.5m kg of milk quota and 5000 acres of land that Mr Oliver said could also be used for cereal production.

He is guiding the company at £850,000 and the annual rent is £83,500.