Pöttinger has launched a new range of rear-mounted combination mowers called the NovaCat X8. There are 16 different variations aimed at large farmers and contractors.

The X8 uses a 3m front unit and two rear ones to give a total working width of 8.3m. There’s an overlap each side of 410mm to help eliminate the striping often encountered when turning with many front and rear-mower combinations.

Buyers can opt for either mechanical spring or infinitely adjustable hydraulic mower suspension. The latter comes as standard with Isobus-compatible controls for full tractor-to-machine integration.

A further choice of reverse-drive X8 models is also available for operators wanting to use a reverse-drive tractor.

If raking the crop is not an option, a NovaCat X8 Collector model can be specified. This is a standalone unit with its own on-board hydraulic system and is attached via a three-point linkage to the rear of the X8’s central frame. As with all NovaCat models, the X8 can be supplied as a straight disc mower or fitted with Pöttinger’s Extra Dry tined conditioner or an RC roller crimper-style conditioner.

All these systems can be swapped round in about 15 minutes for each mower.