THE ROYAL Highland Show is expected to generate up to £100m, with agricultural firms, general trade, stand holders and the local Edinburgh and Lothians economy all benefiting.

David Dunsmuir, manager for the event which begins on Thursday (June 24), said: “Our most recent market research indicates that level of spending.

“There is a very strong business element to the event with a potential customer base of 150,000 visitors.”

The show runs until Sunday (June 27) evening and should benefit the Edinburgh economy to the tune of £20m.

Hotels, restaurants, taxi firms and the like will all do increased business, Mr Dunsmuir said.

“Indeed, many hotels in the area have been fully booked for some months.”

At the show, he added, spending can range from over £100,000 for an item of specialised agricultural equipment to a few pounds on a plant, gift or food item.

“A significant amount of business is follow-up from sales enquiries or from future purchases made from decisions taken at the show.”

To maintain and update the show‘s database, the organisers have commissioned Lowland Market Research to conduct a major visitor survey.

Interviewers at the West, North and East entrances will cover items such as travel, accommodation, ease of access, show amenities, areas of interest, goods purchased, proposed expenditure and show promotion.

“The Royal Highland is one of Scotland‘s most popular events and it is important that we have relevant information on visitor attitude and opinion,” said Mr Dunsmuir.