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Sugar beet growers will be able to choose from 23 different varieties next season (compared with 21 this year), following seven new additions to the 2009 NIAB/ BBRO Recommended List.

Topping the list is the new rhizomania-resistant variety, Carissima, from KWS. It has an adjusted yield 1.6% higher than the next-best, Mandella – another (non-rhizo) variety from KWS – and almost 2% higher than existing traditional varieties Trinita, Alota and Opta.

Other newcomers to the list include the rhizomania-resistant Sophia (KWS), Topper (Danisco), Tempest (Syngenta Seeds), Belize (Danisco) and rhizo-resistant Levi (Elsoms).

Removed from the list were Harry, Kingston, Mars, Buxom, Miriam and Zanzibar.

A summary of the main variety characteristics can be seen in the table below. A full breakdown will appear in the spring edition of British Sugar’s Beet review magazine.

Key features of the new sugar beet varieties:

Variety & Breeder Adjusted tonnes (% of control) Sugar content (%) Bolters per 100 plants (early sowing) Rust Powdery mildew
Carissima (Rh)
105.7 18.3 2.9 5 2
104.1 17.5 0.7 7 7
Sophia (Rh)
103.6 18.0 1.8 6 7
103.0 18.5 0.6 7 3
Syngenta Seeds
102.8 17.8 0.2 7 2
102.5 18.1 0.4 7 3
Levi (Rh)
Elsoms Seeds
102.2 17.7 0.9 5 3

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