LEADERS OF the UK”s farming unions have joined together in a call for the government to stop “gold plating” EU regulations.

The joint announcement followed a meeting in County Antrim between NFU president, Tim Bennett, NFU Cymru president, Peredur Hughes, NFUS president, John Kinnard, and UFU president, Campbell Tweed.


“The burden of red tape must be cleared,” said Mr Bennett. “Under CAP reform farmers are being asked to produce safe food to high animal welfare standards while delivering the environmental outcomes demanded by society.

“Farmers will meet that challenge, but the government must recognise that excessive regulation makes that task more difficult by constraining the ability of farm businesses to operate competitively,” he added.

His sentiments were echoed by Mr Hughes who described the reduction of red tape and bureaucracy as a “top priority for UK farming unions”.


This was backed by Mr Tweed who said government departments must better co-ordinate their actions and at all times be aware of the impact which new regulations have on farm businesses.

There was now an expectation on the chancellor to deliver on his promise to end gold plating, added Mr Kinnard.