FARMERS HAVE been warned they could face legal action from people claiming damaged health from the low-frequency noise emitted by wind turbines.

Campbell Dunford, chief executive of the newly formed Renewable Energy Foundation, said farmers should read the small print before getting involved, or they could come in for an unpleasant shock.

The safety of wind turbines and the effect on the environment was largely unexplained, he said.

But damage arising from wind turbines in Germany has resulted in preliminary insurance payments in excess of €200m (£161m).

The Renewable Energy Foundation, which says its aim is to increase the amount of impartial information in the public domain on renewable energy sources, was launched on Tues (Jul 13).

“Too many people are sitting on the fence because the information is not there to persuade them one way or the other,” said chairman and celebrity Noel Edmunds.

REF is concerned that the proliferation of wind turbines across the country will have damaging effects on tourism as well as the health of those in affected areas.

It also wants the government to give more consideration to other renewable sources of energy in its Energy White Paper.

It argues much of the technology needed to make good use of bioethanol and biodiesel is already being used in Germany and America