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Super Simmental…..Miss MRL the imported Canadian Simmental cow from Roger Birch and partners took the interbreed championship for the third year in succession.

Heading up the dairy interbreed line was this Holstein cow, Hobson Spirit Mona, from Seaton Farms. Mona was described by judge John Cousar as a terrific, near faultless example of a modern dairy animal.

Sheep Champion was this Charollais shearling ewe from Robert and Jeanette Gregory’s 60-ewe flock.
Jersey Jewel…..Leading the way in the Jersey classes was this cow, Botendon Hannibal’s Foxtrot, from the Arley Farming Company’s 200-cow Imperial herd.

Limmy leader and reserve interbreed champion was this bull, Homebuyers Oklahoma from R Platt.

Standing champion in the Texel breed classes was this shearling ewe from Hannah and James Draper’s Claybury flock. The ewe also stood reserve overall in the sheep lines.

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Full results:


Interbreed R M Birch’s Simmental cow Miss MRL; res, R Platts’ British Limousin bull Homebyres Oklahoma.
Interbreed Pairs Welsh Blacks; res, Herefords.
Hereford R A Bradstock and Partners’ bull Free Town Wellington; res, A G Wright and Son’s cow Badlingham Hazel.
British Charolais R H and E Coppinger’s cow Midas Star; res, W R J Everall’s bull Shraden Osram.
British Limousin R Platts’ bull Homebyres Oklahoma; res, R Platts’ heifer Chalelpark Tiffeny.
Belgian Blue Black’n’Blue’s cow Blue UK.Com; res, J Barber and G Brindley’s bull Threeways Superstar.
South Devon W H Sandford’s bull Haughton Jack; res, W H Sandford’s heifer Haughton Jeanie 2.
Longhorn J S and J W Brigg’s heifer Gorse Jonquis; res, J S and J W Brigg’s cow Gorse Camelia.
Welsh Black K A Hughson’s bull Gravel Andrew; res, K A Hughson’s cow Caerynwch Gladys.
Pure Beef Breeds R M Birch’s Simmental cow Miss MRL; res, R M Birch’s Simmental bull New Trend Pioneer.
Dexter M J and S J Bancroft’s cow Moonshine Perdita; res, P W Hunt’s bull Saltaire Oliver.


Interbreed Seaton Farms’ Holstein Hobson Spirit Mona; res, Arley Farming Company’s Jersey Botendon Hannibal’s Foxtrot.
Interbreed Pairs Holsteins; res, Jerseys
Interbreed Team of Five Jersey; res, Holsteins.
Holstein Seaton Farms’ junior cow Hobson Spirit Mona; res, Smiddlehill Holsteins’ intermediate cow in milk Almondene Rudolf Angel.
Ayrshire  H and H Jones’ cow Hayford Phyllis; res, H and H Jones’ heifer Hayford Karelia.
Jersey Arley Farming Company’s Botendon Hannibal’s Foxtrot; res, R J Taylor’s cow Tixall Blazes Marissa.


Interbreed R S and J A Gregory’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, H J and J R Draper’s Texel shearling ewe.
InterbreedGroup of Three Texels; res, Charollais.
Beltex D B Roberts’ ewe; res, S Birch’s ewe lamb.
Black Welsh Mountain Messrs Kimberley and Dawson’s ram; res, E O Williams’ shearling ewe.
Border Leicester Messrs I G Evans’ shearling ram; res, D R and E A Jones’ ewe.
Charollais R S and J A Gregory’s shearling ewe; res, D B Roberts’ ewe lamb.
Hampshire Down J L Davies’ ram lamb; res, J L Davies’ shearling ewe.
Jacob D J Price’s ewe; res, D J Price’s shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, R and R Powell’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn S E Peters’ ewe; res, R and J Gunn’s ram.
Ryeland K W Jones’ ram; res, M N Collins’ ewe.
Shropshire M Farquhar’s ram lamb; res, R B and B Higgins’ shearling ewe.
Suffolk J K Evans’ shearling ewe; res, E M Mostyn’s shearling ram.
Texel H J and J R Draper’s shearling ewe; res, H J and J R Draper’s ewe.
Wensleydale J Thompson’s ewe lamb; res, S Thompson’s shearling ewe.
Any Other Pure Breed G and G Pugh’s Blue Faced Leicester ram; res, S J Johnson’s Bleu du Maine ewe.

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By Robert Davies

THE WEST Mid Show’s efforts to overcome its financial difficulties by moving to a weekend slot were dealt a blow by heavy first day rain.

Staging all interbreed competitions at the Shrewsbury event on a Sunday failed to increase ringside crowds, but organisers said provisional attendance figures looked promising.

John Cousar from Ayrshire, who judged Holstein classes in the rain, enjoyed better weather when giving Hobson Spirit Mona, his breed champion, the interbreed dairy award.

He described Seaton Farms’ well grown home-bred junior cow as a terrific, near faultless example of a modern dairy animal.

After taking the top dairy accolade for the first time at what is his Shropshire-based family partnership’s local major show, the judge’s comments were the icing on the cake for Ed Seaton. 

“She gave 10,000 litres in her heifer lactation and we think she has everything anyone could want in a dairy cow,” said Mr Seaton.

A postal delay meant that Botendon Hannibal’s Foxtrot, the Jersey cow that took the reserve interbreed dairy championship for the Arley Farming Company, did not appear in the show catalogue.

But that did not worry Angus Snodgrass who showed her as it was the cow’s biggest success to date.

Supreme interbreed beef judge Bennett Jenkins’s impassive expression kept everyone guessing until he slapped the rump of Miss MRL, the Canadian bred Simmental dry cow exhibited by Roger Birch on behalf of himself and her two other owners.

“She’s won the interbreed championship at the show for the last two years, but this judge gave nothing away and I can honestly say I was gobsmacked,” Mr Birch admitted.

Meanwhile, ringsiders also found it difficult to read the mind of John Geldard from Kendal in Cumbria when he chose the interbreed sheep champion.

Top spot went to an outstanding shearling ewe from the 60-ewe flock run by Robert and Jeanette Gregory just a short distance from the showground.

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