The annual YFC membership levy is to increase by 20% from 1 September 2007, after members voted in favour of the council proposal at the 75th annual general meeting in Torquay (29 April).

The increase was needed because commercial sources of funding and government grants were becoming increasingly difficult to find and the federation had to stand on its own two feet, said Staffordshire YFC’s Bryce Mackellar.

“With the money we get from subscriptions we’re only standing still at the moment. We need to move YFC forward and to do that, we need a little extra.”

One member, one levy
It was also agreed that the way the membership levy was charged across junior (10-16), intermediate and senior members (up to 26) would be simplified to a flat fee for all members, whatever age. At present the membership levy is a three tier system, whereby seniors effectively pay three times more than juniors.

Cornwall YFC’s Brian Harvey said the change to a ‘one member, one levy’ system would add clarity and equality to the way the levy was calculated. “The current unit system is complicated and not widely understood, so a flat rate will make administration much easier for all involved.”

For many junior members, the flat rate could see the annual membership fee rise from around £5 to nearer £10, added Richard Carter, from Essex YFC. “We need to be careful not to scare off younger members.”

The new flat rate system will come into effect from 1 September 2007.

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