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Course Categories Archives: Machinery

Health and Safety

Sadly, agriculture is at the top of the league table when it comes to the most number of fatalities and serious injuries. These modules provide simple advice and guidance on how to avoid personal injury to you, your family and staff across some of the most risky farm operations. The information has been compiled by experts in the Health and Safety Executive.


Machinery efficiency

One of the most significant costs in farming is machinery. This course covers how the efficiency of agricultural machinery can be improved with simple changes in machinery handling and settings - and how these improvements can contribute to better field performance and timeliness of field operations. More modules for this course are planned, keep checking academy course details regularly for details.

Modules within this course
  1. Combine efficiency


Tyre management

Tyres which are inflated incorrectly, badly aligned or worn can markedly reduce machinery performance, increase machinery running costs and - in extreme cases - can be dangerous. This course examines the symptoms of tyre wear, tips for remedying the causes and offers advice on wheel alignment. The modules also cover correctly matching rims to tyre size and the importance of maintaining tyre pressure and loads.