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Cereal diseases

Uncontrolled diseases in wheat and barley cost more than £100m per year in lost yield and quality, despite more than £80m being spent on fungicides to control them. Disease levels vary from crop to crop, year to year depending on crop resistance, fungicide effectiveness and weather conditions.

These modules focus on some of the most imporatant diseases, but look out for new modules on brown rust, mildew and eyespot amongst others.

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Barley yellow dwarf virus


by Jon Oakley   Course Cereal diseases

Barley yellow dwarf virus stunts growth and causes heavy yield losses. ADAS entomologist Jon Oakley considers its control.


How to manage ramularia in barley


by Neil Havis (SRUC)  Course Cereal diseases

Ramularia leaf spot is a fungal disease that can severely hit barley yields by damaging the upper leaves. While it is associated with wet weather, there are a number of other risk factors which determine its severity. Neal Harvis explains why this disease is becoming…


Yellow rust


by Bill Clark (NIAB)  Course Cereal diseases

Yellow rust is the most important rust affecting wheat and can cause devastating yield losses. Bill Clark, from NIAB TAG, rounds up what growers need to know.