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Farm and renewable energy

Renewable technologies have become a lucrative enterprise for farmers. Incentives like Feed-in-Tariffs and carbon trading options have encouraged investment. Whilst the technological advances in solar photovoltaics (solar panels), wind turbines and biomass boilers have made financial returns more lucrative.
In this course the options for renewables open to farmers will provide a valuable resource for those planning and costing out installations. The course also covers approaches to farm energy savings. Look out for new modules on other technologies in this course which will be added in the near future.

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Anaerobic digestion


by Cath Anthony (Bidwells)  Course Farm and renewable energy

A technology that makes money from recycling agricultural residues while producing heat, power and a free supply of fertiliser seems like a bit of a no-brainer for a farm business. Unfortunately investor uncertainty around the ability to secure long-term feedstock contracts, a reduction in the…


Cutting energy costs


by Andrew Kneeshaw (Farm Energy Centre)  Course Farm and renewable energy

Rising energy prices have outstripped retail price inflation for some years now, so energy costs as a proportion of farming income are at an all-time high. Andrew Kneeshaw, managing director of the Farm Energy Centre, explains


Solar photovoltaics


by Giles Hanglin   Course Farm and renewable energy

Solar PV is one of the most popular renewable technologies that farmers are using to generate power from their land or buildings. But according to the Farm Power Report there could be more than 15GW of untapped solar power potential still out there on UK…


Wind power


by Mark Newton   Course Farm and renewable energy

For farmers with a large power demand and the right location, generating electricity through a wind turbine can be a financially attractive proposition.