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Grassweed management in cereals

Managing grassweeds in an arable rotation is becoming ever-more challenging as herbicide resistance increases, the industry loses active ingredients approved for use and as pressure increases on protecting water courses.

Effective control requires combining cultural and chemical techniques such as delayed drilling, using stale seedbeds and getting herbicide application timings right. At the heart of effective control is minimising weed seed return within rotations and testing for herbicide resistance if it is suspected.

Advice from the UK's leading national weed experts is included in this Academy course: Sarah Cook and James Clarke of ADAS, Peter Lutman and Stephen Moss from Rothamsted, Paul Miller from Silsoe and cultivations expert Philip Wright.

Keep checking for new Farmers Weekly Academy modules currently being compiled by national experts on blackgrass, brome and other grassweed species. Undertaking these courses can help you collect the CPD points you need for BASIS and NRoSO.

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by Stephen Moss   Course Grassweed management in cereals

High infestations of blackgrass, particularly in autumn-sown crop rotations, are having a costly impact on wheat yields


Grassweeds 1: Weed identification


by Sarah Cook   Course Grassweed management in cereals

Correctly identifying the main grassweeds is the first step to effective control. ADAS‘ Sarah Cook profiles the main culprits and points out how to identify them.


Grassweeds 2: Cultivations


by Philip Wright   Course Grassweed management in cereals

Understanding the impact of soil shifting is vital to keep on top of grassweeds. Cultivations specialist Philip Wright of Wright Resolutions looks at the role autumn field work has.


Grassweeds 3: Cultural control


by James Clarke (ADAS)  Course Grassweed management in cereals

Integrating cultural control techniques will optimise herbicide performance and take pressure off chemistry. ADAS‘ James Clarke and Rothamsted‘s Peter Lutman weigh up the options.


Grassweeds 4: Active ingredients


by James Clarke (ADAS)  Course Grassweed management in cereals

Timing is the key to effective use of herbicides. ADAS‘ James Clarke explains the issues.


Grassweeds 5: Resistance management


by Stephen Moss   Course Grassweed management in cereals

Understanding how grassweeds can survive previously effective herbicides is important in developing control strategies. Stephen Moss from Rothamsted Research explains the fundamentals of resistance management.


Grassweeds 6: Nozzles and application


by Dr Clare Butler Ellis (NIAB TAG)  Course Grassweed management in cereals

Getting the right amount of spray where it is needed is vital to keep grassweeds at bay. Prof Paul Miller and Dr Clare Butler Ellis from NIAB TAG run through what to focus on in the autumn.