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Livestock pests

Endoparasites (inside the animal) and ectoparasites (outside the animal) adversely affect animal health and performance. In this course the modules cover worms, flukes and lice.

Worms are becoming increasingly difficult to control using anthelmintics (wormers) and there is a growing problem of resistance for cattle and sheep farmers to understand and deal with. Fluke is a growing problem and condemnations of carcases have soared over the past 10 years. Lice are a particular problem in calves where they can cause irritation and anaemia.

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Effective worm control


by Professor Jacqueline B Matthews BVMS PhD MRCVS (Moredun Research Institute)  Course Livestock pests

Worms are becoming increasingly difficult to control in cattle, with drug resistance posing considerable challenges. But simple management changes can cut costs and reduce the risk of resistance in the future. Jacqui Matthews, Moredun Research Institute, explains.


Flukes and worms


by Professor Mike Taylor   Course Livestock pests

Adopting a more strategic approach to worm and fluke control can considerably reduce the damage intestinal parasites can cause to both cows' health and farm profitability. Professor Mike Taylor, vet consultant at the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) considers life cycles and suitable control.


Lice in cattle


by Colin Mason (SAC)  Course Livestock pests

Lice may well be lurking within the thickening coats of your cattle, writes Colin Mason, veterinary centre manager at SAC.