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Rat control

Rats are a major problem on all farms; they can contaminate stored feed and crops and spread diseases such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Weil’s disease as well as transmit bacteria and viruses from their fur onto any surface that they come into contact with. Rats also cause physical damage like gnawing through wood, cables and even some light metals; as well as causing contamination of water and watercourses.

It is essential for farmers to follow stewardship guidelines on the use of rodenticide outside buildings to protect wildlife from accumulating damaging levels of rodenticide in their bodies. The HSE will now only authorise the use of rodenticides outside of buildings if a programme of stewardship is put in place. Stricter rules and restrictions are likely to ensue if evidence of damaging impacts on wildlife continue. These modules cover responsible rodenticide use and stewardship guidelines, which have been created by CRRU UK.

From September 30 sales of old stocks of rodenticides will cease and farmers will be asked for proof of competence and personal identification when they buy rodenticide products.

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The Rat Control academy course covers the impact of the rat on-farm, control options and measures required to minimise the risk of rat control baits to wildlife. These three Rat Control modules have BASIS CPD points accredited to them.

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Rat control 1: impact on farm


by Dr. Alan Buckle (CRRU)  Course Rat control

This module compiled by Alan Buckle, chairman of CRRU and visiting research fellow of the University of Reading explores the key challenges surrounding rats on farm and the risks they pose to human health and farm businesses.


Rat control 2: minimising risk to wildlife


by Dr. Alan Buckle (CRRU)  Course Rat control

CRRU chairman Alan Buckle summarises a seven point plan for rat control, agreed with experts throughout the industry. Rats are a problem, of that there is no doubt. Populations are rising, putting human and livestock health more at risk; they contaminate produce and feed stores and…


Rat control 3: control guidelines


by Dr. Alan Buckle (CRRU)  Course Rat control

Shifting seasonal weather patterns are simply making bigger problems and rat infestations on farm. In this third module on rat control Alan Buckle from CRRU gives an overview.