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We are in the process of making some changes to our website, which we are excited to be revealing soon. As part of these changes, the learning content provided by the Farmers Weekly Academy will soon be moved to the main site. If you have any queries please email farmers.weekly@rbi.co.uk.

Top tips in poultry farm management

Smarter management practices can pay dividends for your bottom line. In this course we get experts to run through some key areas of farm management where gains can be made.

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Poultry flock health planning


by Michael Clark   Course Top tips in poultry farm management

As part of our farm health planning academies, Michael Clark of The Minster Vet Practice discusses the merits of a health plan for the poultry industry.


Reducing crop and gizzard impaction in free-range hens


by Michael Clark   Course Top tips in poultry farm management

Gizzard and crop impaction in free-range hens is becoming a widespread concern for poultry producers, leading to mortality and reduced production. Michael Clark of the Minster Veterinary Practice (pictured), and The Poultry Health Centre's David Parsons detail the advice.