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Dr Andy Evans

Position: Research Entomologist/Nematologist
Company: Crop & Soil Systems, SRUC

Dr Andy Evans has worked at SRUC (previously known as SAC) in Edinburgh as a Researcher in Entomology/Nematology since 1991. He provides specialist support to field-based agricultural/horticultural advisers on all aspects of invertebrate pest management, and has developed and obtained funding for research and development programs for the management of pests of agricultural and horticultural crops. He also contributes to the education of students at SRUC and the University of Edinburgh from HND up to PhD level.

Research interests revolve around integrated pest management (IPM) in arable and horticultural crops. Development of pest management approaches for the control of insect, slug and nematode pests of crops encompasses a wide range of techniques and novel methods, and research he has been, and currently involved, with utilises semiochemicals, visual attraction, trap cropping, biofumigation, biological control (including biopesticides), and induction of crop natural defences. Nematode pests of arable crops (particularly potatoes) are also of interest, and research is ongoing into developing damage thresholds and IPM programmes for their control. He is also involved in evaluating the impact of climate on the distribution of pests and disease, with modelling of the potential changes in distribution due to climate change.



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