Who is ADAMA?


Company profile

ADAMA is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies. We strive to Create Simplicity in Agriculture, offering farmers effective products and services that simplify their lives and help them grow.

  • $3.5 billion in sales
  • 6,600 people
  • Presence in 40 countries
  • +270 active ingredients
  • 7 global product development centres
  • 70 years of heritage
  • 6th largest Ag Chem supplier
  • 47 people
  • 8 departments across the country
  • Unique portfolio of off-patent mixtures
  • Began trading in 1998

Our promise

At ADAMA we strive for a world where everybody has food security. Our motto, “Simply. Grow. Together.” is three short words with the power to make a lasting difference to farming everywhere.

Create simplicity in agriculture.
We work together with the agricultural community to find ways to simplify and improve their lives, offering simple, practical and innovative solutions in crop protection.

Help farmers grow.
We support farmers to get things done in their businesses and beyond.

Connect people.
Developing and delivering simplicity – with employees, partners, farmers, and our peers in the wider farming world. Our aim is to build close relationships with farmers by being honest, open and agile.

The key to our success

Our people

“ADAMA empowers me to make decisions, be dynamic, focussed and maximise the opportunities that present themselves”.

“At ADAMA I have the ability to be nimble, credible and can act / respond quickly to changing market requirements”.

“I am proud of our simple clear solutions, our branding and packaging is far above that of some that I have seen throughout my career”.

“Having been with the company for over 13 years and starting with humble beginnings, we are now going from strength to strength. We aren’t seen as a corporate giant, we are a more ‘down to earth’ company, explorative, innovative and fun”.

“I joined the company as an apprentice and ADAMA has supported me through a number of qualifications and personal development to become key part of the team”.

In addition to a host of benefits, ADAMA recognises outstanding employee contributions, find out more here.

Ideal candidates

We want people who;
  • Can hit the ground running and prepared to make a positive impact
  • Are flexible and driven to meet the strategic focuses of the business
  • Are committed to delivering customer excellence
  • Are respectful and dependable
  • Have a positive mental attitude
  • Are self-motivated and comfortable working both independently and as part of a wider team

Our people


Douglas Dyas

Job title:
National Account Manager
I have overall responsibility for the management of ADAMA’s business with two large national distribution accounts. On a seasonal basis, this involves achieving turnover targets and Gross Margins through an agreed product mix. This seasonal aspiration can only be met by understanding the needs of the customer and providing the right solutions wherever possible to meet those needs. This includes agreeing financial positions but also ensuring sufficient technical content is available for example to ensure full confidence in our products. To do this I will regularly meet with various departments of the customers business – often in a traditional meeting format at an office, but also out in the field, and all over the country.
Why I love working at ADAMA:
ADAMA is a very dynamic company. I strongly believe this is a necessary trait in what has become a fast changing sector in an increasingly evolving industry. One of the ADAMA ‘values’ is ‘getting it done’. This really does seem to be upheld and I have found that decisions can be made and outcomes implemented quickly, which
is far better for the customer. I have been given excellent guidance in the commercial role which was new to me when I joined - I came from a predominately technical background in R&D yet I have found that my previous experience is valued and thoughts and ideas are always acknowledged amongst the wider organisation. I enjoy liaising with other team members in technical, finance and logistics departments etc and the wealth of expertise available ensures that I can bring everything together to achieve the best experience for the customer.

Will Nicholls

Job title:
Regional Agronomy Manager (Central)
In season technical support for all key stakeholders across my region which includes the West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire and Ireland. This involves regular updates in season for best use of the ADAMA portfolio via face-to-face meetings or digital platforms. In addition, delivery of both Spring and Autumn campaigns via presentations to distribution and fee paid sectors is a key aspect of the role. Other aspects include regional trial management and presence at agricultural events throughout the year.
My favourite aspect of my job:
Being part of the wider agricultural industry and being in front of agronomists with key messages and new approaches to best utilise the ADAMA portfolio.

Alison Hall

Job title:
Product Manager
I lead one of the UK Crop Teams, which involves co-ordinating and integrating inputs from different aspects of the business - from marketing to commercial, technical, regulatory and stewardship - to build and develop our portfolio and deliver our strategic business aims.
Why I love working at ADAMA:
In a word – the people. ADAMA is a great team, hard-working and focused, with talented and empowered people. We also like a challenge or two, which the business and the industry never fails to throw our way!

Yasmin Taylor

Job title:
Customer Support Administrator
My daily responsibilities include processing customer orders/invoices/credit notes, and ensuring forecast data is current and correct. I am in regular contact with our customers ensuring all their queries and enquiries are dealt with fast and efficiently. This requires me to liaise with our logistics partner to ensure timely deliveries throughout the year.
My favourite aspect of my job:
I really enjoy my role within ADAMA. It’s a fast pace environment and offers good job satisfaction. We all work well within our team and I enjoy the day to day responsibilities of dealing with customers and thrive in offering a first class service. I have great colleagues and enjoy working as part of a dedicated team.

Our values

Getting it done

We are proud of how we roll our sleeves up and get things done. This deeply engrained value reminds us of how important it is to deliver on our promises.

Creating simplicity

In an ever-complex world, part of our contribution is to create solutions that are accessible, easy to use and which work. Simple.

Empowering people

Empowering our people requires us to lift our expectations and create the conditions for others to succeed and grow. Building confidence, coaching, mentoring, engaging, inspiring and providing resources all contribute to this vital value.


We are passionate about agriculture, this value reminds us that work is a personal, emotional business and that we need to match our passion with high levels of professionalism and responsibility.

Open vacancies


Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
For further product information, including warning phrases and symbols, refer to www.adama.com or call The Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622.
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd., Third Floor East, 1410 Arlington Business Park, Theale, Reading, RG7 4SA, Berkshire, United Kingdom.
Telephone 01635 860 555. UKenquiries@adama.com.