10 days’ harvest left near Caithness

Alec Webster has finished harvest at Lower Reiss Farm, Caithness, but still has about 10 days’ combining to do for neighbours.

“We didn’t get any winter barley sown last year, so I just had 28ha of spring barley to cut at home – we got it done in a day and a bit,” he said.

However, other farmers in the area still had plenty of spring barley left to cut, and most were reasonably pleased with yields.

“I wouldn’t say we’re breaking any records, but it’s not too bad,” said Mr Webster. “We’ve had some good weather, so everyone is pushing on well.”

Having not yet weighed his Waggon spring barley, Mr Webster wasn’t sure what it had yielded. “But it seems to have done alright – it looks good.”

Despite a bit of rain on Friday, most farmers got combining again yesterday, and Mr Webster was back on again today (9 September).

“We’re getting through it pretty well,” he said.

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