75% of milling wheat fails in Kent

Three out of four loads of milling wheat are falling short of the required standards, according to John Smith at Weald Granary in Kent.

“Bushel weight is the deciding factor 90% of the time, with significant amounts of milling varieties borderline on quality,” he said.

A lot of samples were coming in below 70kg/hl, with some low Hagbergs of under 200.

Protein contents ranged from 10.5% to 14.5%, and while mycotoxin levels were yet to pose a problem coming into store, some ex-farm samples were starting to look on the high side, he added.

“Every other load is being up or down graded going into the silos, with our milling intake criteria set at a minimum of 12% protein, 70kg/hl and 200 Hagberg.”

Anything below that would be classed as low grade milling wheat, with samples below 10.5% protein, 70kg/hl and 100 Hagberg downgraded to feed.

“Three out of four loads dip out on one or more criteria and then it’s a decision on where it goes,” said Mr Smith.

“With the pooling specification set as it is, we should achieve a Group one and two specification of 12.8-13+% protein, 74-76kg/hl and 300 Hagberg on a good lump, with a large amount of low grade milling and the balance of very low bushel weight feed.”


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