A day left for Dorset farmer’s winter wheat

A day left for Dorset farmer’s winter wheat

In Dorset the wheat harvest was due to finish within a day after ten days work.

Keith Harris of Manor Farm, Silton, Gillingham was pleased that 95ha (235 acres) of the farm’s of 120ha (296 acres) were complete.

Cut between 14-16% moisture, his Zebedee, Robigus and Nijinsky yielded within 7-8 t/ha.

Mr Harris hoped showers wouldn’t delay combining with just 25ha (63 acres) to go.

Mr Harris was drying 30ha (75 acres) worth of borage today. It yielded 350kg/ha but with screenings at 30-40%.

He was also trying out 10ha (25 acres) of Echium. The oil-bearing plot looked very good, he added.

• Crop: Winter wheat
o Variety: Zebedee, Robigus and Nijinsky
o Completed: 95ha (237.5 acres) of 120ha (48 acres)
o Moisture: 14-16%
o Yield: 7-8 t/ha.

• Crop: Borage
o Area: 30ha (75 acres)
o Yield: 350kg/ha
o Screenings: 30-40%.

• Trial crop: 10ha Echium

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