Agronomy Cup winners announced

The inaugural Agronomy Cup has been won by the Harper Adams University team, who picked up £2,000 prize money in the process.

The NIAB TAG competition is based on a series of fully replicated field trial plots with colleges and universities from across the country competing by growing a crop of Cordiale wheat.

The award was presented by AICC agronomist Patrick Stephenson who believes it offers a new generation of agricultural advisors and crop scientists a fantastic opportunity.

“What we are looking to achieve with the competition is to take the students out of the bar and into the field. “It’s trying to get them looking and thinking more like a grower or agronomist.”

Alexander McCormack was part of the winning team and heralded the cup for allowing students to translate what they do in the classroom to what happens in the field.

“It’s really aided us in seeing and appreciating what goes on behind the agronomy and growing the crop itself,” he said.

Dr John Reade, a senior lecturer at Harper Adams, says he believes the cup will prove a valuable way of securing agronomists for the future.

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