Andrew Blenkiron is moving to Suffolk’s Euston Estate

Firstly, I must comment on our success at the recent awards evening of the local Holt Agricultural Discussion Club.

We scooped lots of prizes, including first equal with two phenomenal farmers in the most points scored cup. Well done to all at Crichel Farms who helped to achieve this.

This success comes at a time of a first-rate early spring, allowing excellent progress to be made on land work, sowing, fertiliser, spraying and organic weeding all being up together, as well as the cows being out to grass. What could be better?

Well, we could have done with the Easter weekend now to give some a well-deserved rest. It’s a shame that this year we have to wait so long. Then look out, what with the royal wedding and the usual bank holidays, I bet that the country will close down for two weeks like it usually does over Christmas and New Year. This is not good if you need supplies, or more importantly, a spare part for a vital machine.

What do farming and football have in common? Well other than using grass on various occasions, the only thing that springs to mind is that players, staff and managers move around the country, although for those involved in farming it involves less frequency and significantly less money.

In a similar vein and by perusing the pages of this prestigious periodical, you can generally track where they have gone. Now it’s my turn. From the middle of next month I am moving to the Euston Estate in Suffolk, where I’ll be bringing you my news from there in the next few months. Given that my philosophy in life is now very much based around looking forward and seizing opportunities as they arise, the decision to move, although difficult, was relatively easy to make.

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