Another option for slug control

Growers have another option for controlling slugs, Certis has announced.

The ferric phosphate-based slug pellet, Ferramol was previously only available on some horticultural crops, but has now gained full approval for use on all edible crops, the marketing company said.

The product, which has been formulated to eventually degrade into naturally occurring nutrients, offers very low toxicity to all wildlife species other than slugs and snails and has limited clearance for organic crops, said Certis’ Peter Hingley.

Pellets should last on the soil for two weeks in wet weather, but longevity depends on soil moisture and slug populations, he said. “We usually recommend checking crops a week later. Growers can use up to eight treatments per crop if needed.”

Ferramol slug pellets are available in 12.5kg packs at a retail price of £39/pack.