Anti-GM campaigners board ship

GREENPEACE ANTI-GM campaigners have halted a giant cargo vessel said to be laden with GM grain off the coast of Wales.

The 125,000 tonne MV Etoile was bound for Bristol, and, according to Greepeace, its GM cargo was destined to be used as animal feed for the dairy farms which supply milk to Britain‘s biggest supermarkets.

Four climbers boarded the Panama-registered vessel from a jet boat using climbing hooks.

Hanging by ropes from the ship‘s sides and foremast, they unfurled banners reading saying ‘STOP GM IMPORTS‘.

The ship was unable to continue safely and was forced to go to anchor off the Welsh coast at Rhoose.

Greenpeace said this action is part of its campaign against the major supermarkets who have so far failed to remove GM-fed products from their stores.

“Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda and Safeways all sell own-brand milk from cows fed on American genetically-modified crops,” Greenpeace stated.

Greenpeace campaigner Sarah North said: “Our climbers have stopped a massive GM cargo unloading in Bristol, but now we want this ship to turn around and go back to America.”

“Supermarkets like Sainsburys are supporting these shipments by selling milk from cows fed on GM.

“They said they‘d keep GM off their shelves, but by supplying own-brand GM milk they‘re letting it in to Britain through the back door.”