Average yields produced on Adrian Dixon’s farm

Oilseed rape has produced an average yield at Adrian Dixon’s Northbrook Farm, Micheldever, Hants, coming in at 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).

The 130ha (321 acres) of Komando, Expert and Castille all produced a similar yield, with the Komando reaching an oil content of 45.5% compared with 44% for the other two varieties.

“The oils are consistently higher than the other varieties,” said Mr Dixon. “Having said that it is a high oil year.”

Next would come Mr Dixon’s winter oats, followed by the spring barley and winter wheat.

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Komando, Castille and Expert
Area: 130ha (321 acres)
Yield: 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre)

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