Barley disappoints near Easingwold

Chris Smith finished combining winter barley for a customer near Easingworld, Yorkshire, yesterday (26 July), and expects to start oilseed rape on Friday.

“The barley didn’t do very well at all. It was on light land and ranged from 0.3t/ha (0.1t/acre) to 10.2t/ha (4.1t/acre).”

Overall, the 80ha (200 acres) of Volume probably averaged just under 4t/ha (1.6t/acre), he said.

“We’ve lost steering on the combine for some reason so we’re just trying to sort that out today. It’s still dry by very muggy and cloudy.”

Mr Smith hoped to start cutting rapeseed for another customer on Friday, weather permitting.

“It looks very well. And the wheat on strong land looks good, too.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Volume
Area: 80ha (200 acres)
Yield: <4t/ha (1.6t/acre)

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