Best of 2007 – Arable Farmer Focus columnist quotes of the year on agronomy

Our Arable Farmer Focus writers always provide an entertaining take on farm life each week – here’s a selection of their best comments on AGRONOMY.

“The most worrying [NVZ proposals] are obligatory targets on manure efficiency.” Andrew Peddie (5 January)

“After many years of incorporating chopped straw it is glaringly obvious that my land is ploughing at least ‘one furrow better’.” Steve Bumstead (2 February)

“We decided to plough out the areas of oilseed rape worst affected by club root.” Andrew Peddie (30 March)

“I think a second dose of straw shortener will be required this season, but we will definitely save on nitrogen.” Peter Hogg (13 April)

Bill Davey large

“I cannot believe that I may have to use slug pellets in the middle of a drought.” Mark Ireland (4 May)

“With recent rains the inevitable explosion of weeds has come at phenomenal speed.” Steve Bumstead (25 May)

“Having done my penance and been to variety trials, I am mesmerised by the range available.” David Greasby (13 July)

“Brown rust is causing me a great deal of anxiety as T3 fungicide treatments have run out of puff.” Steve Bumstead (20 July)

“Unprecedented blight has wiped out the potato crop on the village allotments.” David Greasby (10 August)

“My sortie back into oilseed rape saw the crop struggling in the recent dry spell.” David Greasby (5 October)

“Conditions suggest we should be suffering from winter proudness, but with the exception of winter barley, all our crops show signs of low vigour.” Richard Ward (23 November)

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